EcomStal- Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Computer cookies are small files, and texts often including unique identifiers or codes that web servers store in browsers. These cookies then can be sent back to the server each time your browser requests a new page. It's a way for a website to remember you, your preferences, and your habits online.

Where do we use cookies?

We may place cookies on your computer or device, and receive information stored in cookies, when you use or visit our website, EcomStal .


If you're signed in to EcomStal cookies help us recognize your device and customize your experience accordingly.
Example: A cookie is used to keep your session open without asking you to log in every time you access the website.

Research, analytics and fraud prevention

We use cookies to better understand how people use EcomStal so that we can improve our service.
Example: We use Google Analytics which sets a cookie to identify unique users visiting the website.

Features and services

Cookies can be used to personalize some of your features or what your preferences are.
Example: Our Search History, uses a cookie to identify the user, save its preferences and detect abuse.


We may install tracking from advertising networks such as Facebook or Google in our services. The data collected by these networks lets us target ads to our users and precisely measure their performance.

Do other parties use cookies in connection with EcomStal?

Yes, we allow a few trusted partners to use cookies in our services. Here is the current list of the third parties using cookies on EcomStal services.

Google Analytics (Research and analytics)

Google AdWords

Stripe (Payment service provider)

Facebook Pixel

Quora Pixel

Reddit Ads

Linkedin Pixel

Amazon Ads

eBay Ads

Alibaba Ads

Walmart Ads

Etsy Ads

Flipkart Ads

How to take control of your cookies?

You can remove or block certain cookies using the settings in your browser. If you choose to reject cookies, you may still use our services though your access to some functionality and areas may be restricted.
If you have any queries or doubts, please mail us at: